Alexandre Taillefer

Managing Partner

XPND Capital and Founder, Téo Taxi

Alexandre is managing partner at XPND, his most recent venture.  He is the co-founder and former CEO of Stingray Digital, a media company based in Montreal that owns and operates Galaxie, the leading broadcast radio stations available on TV in Canada, as well as The Karaoke Channel, the largest karaoke company in North America and Europe, and Stingray360 (formerly Chum Satellite Services), the leading commercial music provider in Canada. A seasoned entrepreneur in the software and media industry, he is the founder of Nurun, a company he sold to Quebecor in 1996, and of Hexacto, a wireless gaming company, now owned by EA Mobile.

Alexandre is Chairman of the Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art and sits on various boards, including BeHaviour, gsmprjct°, iPerceptions and Lumenpulse.