Chong-Wey Lin



Prof. Dr. Lin is the founder of the OurCityLove Social Enterprise Taiwan. Under his curation, the OurCityLove Social Enterprise developed series of smart phone Friendly Apps and cloud service system for city's accessible information. They also recruited, trained and coached people with various physical disabilities, such as spinal cord injury, cerebral palsy, polio, and those with visual or hearing problems, to work as accessible information investigators and accessibility consultants. They encouraged and inspired them with new experiences in life and in career. The disabled fellows host various training courses for business owners and staffs and had successfully motivated, consulted and trained 500+ restaurants improve their accessibility and service quality They endorse therefore a new and innovative disability job model which brings dignity, confidence and happiness to persons with disabilities.



With increasingly aging populations, neighborhoods filled with new parents and many people with disabilities, it is often difficult for cities to adapt. Dr. Chong-Wey Lin and Momo Huang’s own experience witnessing family members and others excluded from participating in social events inspired OurCityLove. The social enterprise creates dignified jobs for a person who doesn’t necessarily fit the standard job description. OurCityLove created the world’s first Friendly Restaurant app, allowing people with both visual and mobile-impairments to understand which restaurants are most accessible and where to find them. The company has created a number of apps, including: Friendly MRT, Friendly Pediatricians, Friendly Lactation rooms and Friendly Drivers. Currently, OurCityLove is present in 11 cities, has created more than 400 friendly jobs and has surveyed over 4,000 restaurants.