Chris Gourlay

Founder & CEO


A former Sunday Times staff journalist, Chris covered architecture and planning, as well as leading the paper’s London coverage. He launched Spacehive in 2012 as a social business to stimulate new sources of funding and creativity for the civic environment. Since then the platform has helped to deliver a diverse mix of projects across the UK - from a new community centre in Wales to a giant waterslide in the middle of a Bristol high street. He has won awards for Spacehive from the Big Venture Challenge, Nesta, UnLtd, Deloitte and Downing Street.




Spacehive, the world’s first civic crowdfunding platform, aims to democratize the way we shape towns and cities by allowing anyone to create and fund civic projects online. It works by providing tools that help people develop their ideas, get noticed by crowds of people, companies, councils, and the media, and attract funding to make great projects happen. Since its 2012 launch, Spacehive has helped fund 158 projects across the UK worth over £4.8m. Successes include public wi-fi in Mansfield, an urban farm in London, a motorway flyover re-imagined as a “sky park” in Liverpool, and a giant waterslide on Bristol’s high street.