Ivy Taylor


San Antonio

Ivy R. Taylor was elected Mayor of San Antonio on June 13, 2015, and prior to that, she was appointed to the office of Mayor in July, 2014. Mayor Taylor had served as the District 2 City Council Representative for a total of five years beginning with her election in June, 2009.

As Councilwoman, Taylor led the community through a series of “Eastside Summit” activities that paved the way for the current Eastside Promise Neighborhood and Wheatley Choice Neighborhood grants as well as the Federal Promise Zone designation for the Eastside. Through her leadership, the Eastside has been awarded close to $100 million in grants for its revitalization efforts.

During her time representing District 2, Mayor Taylor earned the respect of both her colleagues and the business community. When then-Mayor Julian Castro resigned in the summer of 2014, her stature among her colleagues led to her appointment as Mayor of San Antonio, per the charter’s requirements following a vacancy of the mayor’s office.

That appointment singled her out as the first African American woman to serve as Mayor of San Antonio. It also made San Antonio the largest city in the United States to have an African American woman serving as mayor.