About the Organizers

About the New Cities Foundation

The New Cities Foundation is an independent non-profit organization whose mission is to shape a better urban future for all. The Foundation conducts pragmatic research on solutions to challenges facing cities, launches initiatives to drive urban progress, and builds, empowers, and convenes a global network in support of its goals. The Foundation convenes the leading events on urban innovation, including the annual New Cities Summit. In all of its activities, the Foundation works with entrepreneurs and leaders from business, government, academia, civil society, the media and the arts. The Foundation was created in 2010 and is financed by its members and partners, which include some of the most forward-thinking companies who share a passion for the future of our cities. The Foundation is based in Geneva and its head office is in Montréal with smaller offices in Paris, New York, Hong Kong and Zurich.

About the New Cities Summit

The New Cities Summit is the leading global event on urban innovation, taking place this year in Montréal 21-23 June 2016. The Summit will convene top entrepreneurs, innovators, policymakers, CEOs, change-makers, investors and thinkers in this domain. The New Cities Summit supports creative, scalable Urban Tech solutions that can be shared and adapted to cities around the world. The event empowers those who are shaping urban innovation, connecting them and encouraging cross-sector partnerships. The Summit features a unique and diverse program, combining thought leadership keynotes, roundtables and interactive workshops surrounding key challenges facing cities, and the role of technology in their solution.

Past Editions of the Summit:

ncsfNew Cities Summit 2015 - Jakarta, Indonesia
New Cities Summit 2014 - Dallas, USA
New Cities Summit 2013 - São Paulo, Brazil
New Cities Summit 2012 - Paris, France