Aaron Lander

Co-founder & CEO


Before moving to the Bay Area and working in sustainability and technology, Aaron began his career in marketing and communications for elected officials and campaigns. Aaron’s most recent accomplishments include being selected as a fellow in the “Top 30 Under 30” Next Generation LGBT Leaders by Coca Cola, a Westly Prize for Young Innovators recipient, a sponsored delegate at the Slow Food International Congress and a fellow with IHS at Yale and the Drake University Science Collaborative Institute. Aaron holds a BA in Politics and Psychology from Drake University and is an MS in Community Development candidate at Iowa State.





PopUpsters is the marketplace for businesses to connect with space. Businesses use the platform to find offline opportunities to reach new customers. Hosts use PopUpsters to connect with the perfect vendors for their fair, festival, corporate campus or retail space. As a Public Benefit Corporation, PopUpsters mission is to spark community and economic development by fostering entrepreneurship, especially in low­ income, minority and disadvantaged populations. The PopUp model makes it easy for anyone to start, grow or expand their business.