Anielle Guedes

Founder and CEO


Anielle Guedes is a young global entrepreneur dedicated to sustainable urban development since a young age across different sectors. At the age of 23, she has created law projects in Brazil for the municipal and state government of São Paulo, spoken at the UN, G20, World Bank, and other intergovernamental agencies several times, served as an NGO president and founded Urban3D. In 2015 and 2016 she has been featured at Forbes Under 30 group, receive the MIT under 35 award and has also received a prize from Cambridge University as the most prominent leadership in sustainability under 35 years old.




Urban3D focuses on developing digital fabrication and natural material solutions for construction in order to foster sustainable urban development using technology. Their mission is to partner with governments and developers to eradicate houselessness in the next 15 years. The company’s first product is a 3D printer that produces concrete slabs faster and more cheaply and without wasting any materials. The company is working to create a process that will enable building ten times faster at one-tenth of the cost.