Fady Atallah

Co-Founder, Head of Development

Infinite City

Fady is an entrepreneur in the creative industries. He has founded and managed companies in digital media with a focus on cultural innovation. At Bluesponge, a Montréal-based studio he co-founded, he produced dozens of interactive projects to enhance the experience of museums and cities that won the team wide recognition in the creative industry.

Fady advises entrepreneurs on all aspects of digital strategy (data, content, technology and branding). Through his recent venture, Infinite City, which he co-founded in 2014, he promotes a series of urban interventions destined to reclaim public space, and make cities better places to live in. He is currently organizing the 2016 US Tour for The Swings: An Exercise in Musical Cooperation by Daily tous les jours, and co-directing a study examining how the project impacts different cities.

Fady also leads the design studio for Nexalogy, a social data intelligence start-up. He is in charge of custom application design and development for the company’s clients. He is currently directing the creation of a data platform to monitor expanding companies and FDIs.