Geert Houben

Founder & CEO


Geert Houben received graduate degrees in Computer Science and Business Economics at Hasselt University in Belgium. In his first startup he designed and developed an optician software solution that was acquired by a large European retail chain. He then co-founded with a primary care physician Cubigo, which is a mobile platform with convenient access to healthy ageing services. They are active in 4 countries and have an office in San Francisco. In 2013 they won the Technology & Innovation Award from the Belgian government, in 2014 he was nominated as Young Entrepreneur of the Year and just recently Cubigo was selected by Blackbox, powered by Google, for their exclusive Silicon Valley bootcamp for foreign founders.



Cubigo is a cloud-based platform that empowers aging people to live independent and healthy lives by supporting self-care and comfort for loved ones. The platform connects seniors, caregivers, family and businesses in an easy-to-use, modular user interface. Cubigo allows each user to choose amongst a broad set of functions: making doctor’s appointments, setting up video calls with family, reading up on local news or events, tracking and sharing medical data, ordering meals at home, creating medication reminders, and so on. Cubigo is an open platform, meaning any third-party is welcome to connect itself to the Cubigo ecosystem and its users.