Sonja Miokovic

Global Director and Co-Founder

Youthful Cities

Sonja is the co-founder & Global Director of YouthfulCities, a social enterprise leading a global movement towards youth-led data-driven urban regeneration. Now active is 75 of the world’s largest cities, Sonja leads the knowledge development, research design and engagement of 1000s of urban youth in order to rank cities from a youthful perspective.

Sonja comes equipped with a degree in Journalism from Ryerson University; and Masters in Social Science from Albert-Ludwigs University, Germany; University of Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa and Jawaharlal Nehru University, India. Part nomad, Sonja has travelled to 70+ countries and has become a cultural chameleon.

Examples of her work include:
Co-founding YouthfulCities and the global expansion of the research into 75 cities;
Establishing a pan-African Youth Think Tank for the MasterCard Foundation, leading research on the topics of youth employment, engagement and growth sector opportunities;
Ideating inclusive approaches to urban development through tourism in collaboration with informal traders in South Africa, in preparation for FIFA 2010;
Conducting a national participatory monitoring and evaluation study on child friendly cities across Serbia for UNICEF’s Local Plans of Action for Children initiative.